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A little bit about the podcast

Hey Guys!  I just thought I'd take this opportunity to write a little something about the podcast. For those of you guys who have never listened or those guys who listen every week I want to say thanks for being a part of a hobby!  We started this podcast late in 2015.  We actually talked about doing it 2014 but it didn't come to light until the next year. We started off talking about planes, helicopters and multi rotors and we still to this day see ourselves as a multifaceted podcast. However, both Steve and I have really gotten into RC helicopters in the last year. We love the hobby for many reasons, we hope you enjoy the podcast, we will do our best to represent this great hobby. It wouldn't be possible without each and everyone of you guys so thank you for listening!!!

Kevin - Freefall RC Podcast

I really enjoy it, you and Steve do a great job! I like that you are starting to get big name guests on the show. The interview with Matt Botos was a treat.

Keep up the good work!

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You guys are doing great. Please keep it up.

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I mostly have Goblins, Oxy and Align. 

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You guys are doing a great job with the show and it's running real smooth. It's great to see the Facebook posts when you guys make it out to the field too. Keep it up and I'll see you over the summer at one of the fun flies.
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I look forward to every episode on Friday because it keeps me company on the road on my way to the local hobby shop. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Too many hobbies.....not enough money!!!!

I think I have heard of you guys before. Keep up the great work!
I Only Fly On Days That End In "Y"

Ever since RCHN closed shop, I'v been searching for good Podcasts since. RCHH is my most recent cast I listen to along with FFRC podcast. The more the better. All you guys are doing a Great job, and sure help time pass at work.

My Friday podcasting brethren. One day in the future, we shall pop the top on some brews, crash our pint glasses together, hoist them towards the sky, and toast to RC Helis, podcasting, and a life worth living! Rock on dudes, keep up the excellent work!
RC Heli Hooligans Pocast
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If it wasn't for Gravity I'd be good as hell at this!

Nicely said Kevin! Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Can't wait to meet up with everyone and fly, drink, eat and have tons of laughs!

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Host of FreeFall RC Podcast 
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Really enjoying the show guys. Keep it up! And thanks for doing what you do!

You guys have been doing an Excellent job with the guest!!!   Big Grin
Artist previously known as "Desk Pilot"

EPIC!!!!!  Big Grin

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